Wharfedale Super Denton

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Wharfedale Super Denton

Inspired by the legendary Denton 3, a bookshelf speaker released by Wharfedale in 1971, the Super Denton It is the latest addition to the Heritage range from the veteran British firm, making the term “Super” a nod to emblematic achievements introduced to the market in the 1970s. A “suffix” that represents the aspiration for a higher level of excellence through the use of a design 3-way, maintaining the shelf/stand mounting format of the “bestseller” Denton instead of opting for a larger one, as was the case with the employee at the highly celebrated Linton. This statement is corroborated by the 20 mm extra height and 6 mm extra width of the Super Denton enclosure compared to that of the Denton 85th Anniversary, a real engineering challenge if you want to seamlessly integrate a remarkably complex speaker/filter assembly into such a small volume. Regarding the acoustic configuration, a bass-reflex c chargingwith double rear port, a solution that is also common in Wharfedale that allows much better control of the air mass inside the corresponding tubes.

Wharfedale Super Denton

Moving on to the transducers, it must be said first of all that they are superior to those that can be found in any preceding Denton model. Thus, the woofer mounts a cone of intertwined fibers of Kevlar 165mm diameter tuned to “go down” to 40 Hz, an impressive range in such a compact speaker. For his part, the speaker in charge to reproduce the critical mid frequencies is a 50mm soft dome model inspired by the award-winning EVO4 range, characterized by the smoothness of transition between bass and mid/treble and the high dispersion it provides. Finally, the restitution of the higher octaves of the spectrum is entrusted to a tweeteralso with a state-of-the-art 25 mm soft dome, whose fundamental elements (ceramic magnetic motor and rear camera included) come from the splendid Dovedale.

wharfedale super denton

The perfect harmonization of this speaker system is carried out by a carefully optimized filter circuitry by computer, which includes, among other common High End components, air core coils and polypropylene capacitors, having decided on the final configuration after nothing less than, in line with the philosophy of Gilbert Briggs, 1,000 hours of listening. A nominal impedance of 6 ohms and a minimum of 3.4 ohms ensures the compatibility with a very wide range of attack electronics. The Super Denton, which is supplied in matched pairs, is complete with reinforcements and several layers of absorbent materials inside and beautifully finished (by hand) with natural wood veneers, available optionally of an elegant dedicated floor stand that enhances the spatial presentation of sound.

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