"We are all Britney" in the single by Rigoberta and Julieta Venegas

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“We are all Britney” in the single by Rigoberta and Julieta Venegas

Rigoberta Bandini has given a surprise by publishing a new single in these days at the end of the year. And she has joined the project none other than Julieta Venegas, recent winner of the Latin GRAMMY for Best Pop Vocal Album for ‘Tu Historia’.

Rigoberta and Julieta composed ‘Qué más da’ “a year ago” in Madrid, during a vacation that Venegas spent in the capital. Paula Ribó describes that that first meeting was “very precarious in terms of musical means”: they recorded the demo with a Spanish guitar and a mobile application.

The final version of ‘Qué más da’ seems to have little to do with that demo. The electropop beat is one of the most powerful that Bandini has published. However, like his best songs, ‘Que más da’ takes flight at the end adding a chorus, one of those that the author of ‘La Emperatriz’ likes so much.

‘What else does it matter’ is a song dedicated “to friends” who suffer from containing their emotions during a relationship for fear that the other person will abandon them. ‘What does it matter’ advocates the expression of those emotions (“tell him about that trip to Portugal crying on the corners”, “don’t wait to talk to him about what scares you and dominates you”) and, turning grief into a party , claims to live love with emotions on the surface. And, as if implying that she has read ‘The Woman I Am’, Rigoberta shouts that “we are all Britney.” In ‘What else does it matter’, that ‘Cry Me a River’ thing would have another meaning.

‘Que Más Da’ is Bandini’s third single of 2023. The previous one, ‘Miami Beach’, also mentioned Spears’ name, indulging in a tropical pop sound. ‘I only want love’, the main song of ‘Te am amando locamente’, has earned Bandini a nomination for the Goya Awards.

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