Vox provokes Rayden, and he answers

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Vox provokes Rayden, and he answers

“This year my goal was not to get into gardens,” has declared Rayden this Tuesday in a message published on his X account. David Martínez Álvarez has been questioned on this social network by the Vox spokesperson in the Cortes of Castilla-La Mancha, Iván Sánchez, who has urged the singer, rapper and poet to cancel his next concert scheduled at the Gigante de Guadalajara festival, scheduled for the end of August, in a city where the PP-Vox coalition governs, as he canceled his concert in Alcalá de Henares months ago after the same coalition came to the municipal government.

Sánchez’s message comes as the Giant Festival will return to Guadalajara, the city where it was born, in 2024, after having held its last six editions in Alcalá de Henares.

«Dear Rayden, we inform you that in Guadalajara we are also part of the Government team. We warn him in advance, in case he wants to repeat Alcalá’s scare and leave his position at the Giant Festival to someone who has not entrusted his conscience to the progressive lie »were the words published by Sánchez through the X de he.

Rayden has responded to Sánchez arguing that the two scenarios he proposes are not the same, and has recalled why he made the decision to cancel what was going to be the last concert of his career, symbolically scheduled in his hometown.

“Thank you for the warning, Iván, although I was already aware,” Rayden signed. «I think you will well know the difference between playing for the patron saint festivities of a city and performing for an independent promoter without any political involvement. So much so that I would have performed in my own city with this festival. I’ll let you know in advance, in case you don’t want to repeat the same mistakes as your neighbors. I refused to act to whitewash a government that already used my name to steal the proceeds from a charity festival. Although seeing that you have raised your salary by 51%, I don’t have much hope in it either.

When Rayden talks about a government that appropriated the proceeds from a solidarity festival, he is referring to the Rumbo a la Esperanza festival, held in 2011, and where Rayden performed. Rayden shares a news story from that year reporting on the “sentence to a year and a half in prison of the former municipal worker of the Alcalá de Henares City Council who, in 2011, kept the proceeds from the Rumbo a la Esperanza solidarity festival.” Sánchez responded to Rayden by pointing out that Vox was not born in 2011 and that “a municipal worker” has little to do with the “government in power.”

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