Virginia Diaz leaves 'Cachitos'

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Virginia Diaz leaves ‘Cachitos’

Virginia Diaz has announced her departure from ‘Cachitos’, the TVE musical program that she has presented for more than a decade, and which, in recent times, has experienced a great moment of popularity.

In a statement, Diaz says that it has been a “luxury” to have been part of ‘Cachitos’, but he emphasizes the hardness of the filming, and confesses that “it has been in my head for a long time that it was time to stop, because “There are things that stop making you happy.” His words are similar to those expressed by El Columpio Asesino about dissolution.

“After almost eleven years of a lot of learning and a lot of laughter, my adventure with Cachitos comes to an end,” says Diaz in his statement. «And, although it may sound hackneyed, I feel very proud to have been part of one of the best television shows. This is so. I only have words of gratitude for having had the opportunity to present it. It has been a true luxury because we have made fiction with TV resources (and those of La2!) and the direction, production, script, editing, editing and other team has always achieved spectacular results. Lot of talent”.

Diaz continues: «But I’m not going to lie to you, the filming has been very hard. Many hours of recording, most of them away from home, stress because the shooting day was ending and we hadn’t finished and, furthermore, my return train was leaving and many times, it was very, very, very cold, especially when we were recording. outdoors. Physical fatigue and, in my case, also mental fatigue because I was trying to remember all the time to try not to skip a single comma of the brilliant texts that come from the privileged minds of the program’s writers and I had to repeat the shot over and over again. time. TV is like that.

«The truth is that it has been in my head for a long time that it was time to stop because there are things that stop making you happy and begin to weigh too much and, if there is nothing else to compensate for it, the best, for yourself , that is to say no,” concludes the journalist. «It was an “open secret” but they asked me not to say goodbye here until days before presenting news, that’s why I’m doing it today.»

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