Victorias se atreven ahora con "Ella Baila Sola" de Eslabón Armado

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Victorias now dare to perform “She Baila Sola” by Eslabón Armado

While they finish recording their new album Victories release a version of She dances Alone. Challenging the original of Eslabón Armado and Peso Pluma, they transform it by taking it to their field just as they did with Crazy life by Pancho Céspedes.

Victories They continue in search of the definitive hit, whether of their own or taking over that of others to make it their own as they already did with Vida Loca (Pancho Céspedes) or Amor de Hombre (Mocedades). “In She dances Alone of Armed Link There is no excess arrangement or melody that stands out from the whole. It has a choral touch that fascinates us and surprises us the further the song progresses. It is pure rhythm and melody, and that is part of the essence of “Victorias”. Hence we decided to cover it without hesitation. The complex step of making it happen was questioning what it would sound like. She dances Alone if it were ours. What elements would be eliminated, which would be enhanced, and how much of us would be involved. Surprisingly, the result fit from the first demo. It sounded like the original and, above all, like us. And within a week we were already recording it in the studio.”

Victories They continue their unstoppable progression, laying the foundations for a solid career that little by little they are strengthening. With a firm step, without haste and without pauses, they are releasing songs that position them as one of the most interesting and promising independent proposals on the scene, taking their powerful way of understanding pop throughout half the country with the support of specialized critics and love. of an increasingly large audience that aúpa.

The only chance to see them live this summer will be at Sonic Island from Isla Cristina the 8 of June along with Neuman, Cápsula and Los Jaguares de la Bahía.

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