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Vicco talks about his next musical steps

On the day that the first semi-final of Benidorm Fest takes place, today, January 30, Shangay publishes an interview with Vicco, one of the great beneficiaries of her time in the competition, since ‘Nochentera’ has been one of the biggest hits of all of 2023 and who knows if it will also be 2024: the song continues to this day among the 40 most listened to in the country.

In the interview, Vicco gives very few details about his next musical steps. Specifically, he shares two pieces of news. First of all, Vicco announces that his next single, one in which he has “a lot of faith”, will be released “shortly.” Secondly, he puts a provisional date on his album: “In spring I hope the album I’ve been working on for months will be released.”

Vicco has published several singles throughout 2023, such as ‘Pop’, ‘Everything doesn’t matter to me’ or ‘tequiero’ with Abraham Mateo. None of them has achieved the impact of ‘Nochentera’, but all of them have been building the Vicco brand with good melodies and better productions than those of that popular song.

Vicco talks about other moments of his career in Shanghai. The Catalan remembers his beginnings and explains that she was about to throw in the towel when she realized that her career was not taking off, before ‘Nochentera’. Vicco remembers that, when he was younger, his dream was to make it big quickly, and he gives Ariana Grande as an example of an artist whose success he wanted to emulate.

Shangay keeps asking Vicco about the controversy of those two interviews in which he seemed to show sympathy for Ayuso and Abascal and none for Sánchez. Vicco reiterates that he does not pilot politics, that in fact politics is his “Achilles heel”, and points out that “I usually screw up easily by talking.” Furthermore, he points out that “the journalist who did those interviews with me is confrontational.”

In the interview, Vicco remembers his suffering during those days of controversy on the networks: “I started to receive horrible comments, even from people in the group,” he says. Vicco assures that “I realized that he had screwed up, and that maybe she was looking like a fake.” However, Vicco insists that she demands “respect for everyone” and that she rejects “anyone who violates human rights,” and remembers that she “is part of the collective.” Vicco notes that she has been dealing with the aftermath of the controversy with the help of therapy.

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