Vicco, Ana Mena and Lola Índigo triumph in the New Year

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Vicco, Ana Mena and Lola Índigo triumph in the New Year

The end of the year serves as a reminder of everything experienced in the last 12 months: the media make lists of the best that have been published while listeners revisit their most listened to songs. However, the real battle is played on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve. Only on dates like this do the real hits come into play. And Vicco’s ‘Nochentera’ has resurfaced in a big way.

Continuing with the climb that already began with the momentum of Christmas Eve, the song with which Vicco intended to represent Spain in Eurovision has risen another 11 positions this week to be placed at number 13. It is the song that has seen the greatest increase in consumption. experienced these days compared to last week.

At the top, however, DELLAFUENTE and Morad remain with their recent hit ‘Manos Rotas’. Lola Índigo, Soolking and RVFV do the same one position below thanks to ‘Casanova’. Some of the songs that complete the top 10 are Iñigo Quintero with his ‘Si No estars’ at number 6 or Quevedo’s song of the summer, ‘COLUMBIA’, at number 7.

More singles that, like ‘Nochentera’, stand out for their enormous climbs after having stood out as the biggest hits of the year, are Marshmello and Manuel Turizo with ‘El Merengue’, rising ten places to position 16, or Chanel and Abraham Mateo rising 23 steps up to number 27 with the help of ‘Clavaito’. The feat is also achieved by Lola Índigo with Quevedo thanks to her hit ‘El Tonto’, which this week goes from 51st to 36th.

It should be noted that this week there is no new entry on the list. However, there are up to 17 re-entries of hits from past months. Among these highlights we could point out ‘Los Ángeles’ by Aitana (#79), ‘Las 12’ by Ana Mena and Belinda (#81), ‘Acróstico’ by Shakira (#90) or ‘Ella Baila Sola’ by Eslabon Armado and Featherweight.

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