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Vetusta Morla, Marwán and more support the Complutense camp

Old Morla, Marwanthe actor Juan Diego Botto and Ismael Serrano They support the camp in favor of Palestine in the Complutense: they show their rejection “of the massacre of women, children and the elderly” and demand “more forceful actions” from the Government.

The group Old Morlathe actor Juan Diego Botto and the singer-songwriters Ismael Serrano and marwan This Thursday they joined the third day of indefinite camping by students in favor of Palestine on the esplanade of the Complutense University, in Madrid, on a day in which the number of tents has increased considerably compared to those of the day before. Everyone has attended this protest to contribute their grain of sand in the defense of human rights and to show their rejection of the massacre that is taking place in Palestine, thus demanding “more forceful actions” by public powers.

The actor Juan Diego Botto defines camping as a “beacon of hope” in the face of ignorance of the conflict. MarwanFor his part, he has said that he is missing “much more forcefulness” in the face of what is happening on the part of the Government: “A genocidal State cannot be a friendly State.” On the other hand, Fagsinger of Old Morlacomments: “In Old Morla We have been supporting human rights for many years and this is an atrocious situation. “We have come to give support and dissemination to this camp that emerged from the students, because the university is the epicenter of words and dialogue to solve what is happening.”

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