Veintiuno mantienen su cara más pop en “Estarás”

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Veintiuno maintains its most pop side in “Estarás”

The Toledo band Twenty-one has released “Estarás”, a pop song that constitutes the first preview of what will be his new album.

“Estarás” is a love letter to those stories that never come to be, it is a hypothetical answer to the mystery of everything that remains unresolved. “You want to think you've forgotten that person, but you really haven't. You go to bed and you stare at the ceiling (…) and it comes to your mind and you imagine. “You don't know what it is, you just imagine it,” she explains about the meaning of the topic. Diegovocalist of the band, in his account TikTok. In that nostalgia, the singer confesses, he found a melancholy that evoked songs like “I don't need you anymore,” by Sen Senra. He mixed it with the search for a shine like that of the record of Bleachers and a rage like the themes of heartbreak The Police. Furthermore, this new single responds to a verse from “Margot”, by Laziness, which says “Where will you be tonight?” Thus, those from Toledo weave a song full of references from very diverse styles.

“Estarás” also has a video clip with an aesthetic full of red tones reminiscent of analog video, with blurry images that evoke a home production, full of nostalgia. Furthermore, in the video an analog camera that also appears on the cover of the song becomes especially relevant, and which represents this melancholic nuance that “Estarás” monopolizes. The clip has been directed by Valerie Moso with the help of the band members.

This new song confirms that the indie style of Twenty-one is increasingly pop, although it does not abandon the alternative essence that characterizes those of Toledo. Produced by Tato Latorreis the first preview of what will be the band's fifth album and of which, for the moment, only the initials are known: “LBDDYE”. In his official account, Twenty-one They explained that “Cecil B. DeMille He said that films should start with an earthquake and grow from there. 'You will be' is the first door you have to cross to enter the film.”

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