Vanguardia, raíz y otras especies en el patio de Ojeando 2024

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Vanguard, root and other species in the patio of Ojeando 2024

The Plazuela, Queralt Lahoz, Deer and Killmiya They are the first artists confirmed for the nineteenth edition of browsing scheduled for July 12 and 13. The turn towards the new sounds that flood the current scene illuminates a poster that has advanced these first names on the stage located in the courtyard of the College of Ojén (Málaga).

La Plazuela is installed this year as a hot spot in that indie town that increasingly looks to sounds that mix traditional with avant-garde. The duo from Granada is running as the headliner for an edition that will once again flood the streets of Ojén but will have its usual main stage in the school yard. Queralt Lahoz It is the other name with a reputation that shines with its own light in this advance and the one from Santa Coloma is also in the best moment of her career. Ojeando could not have had a better ambassador of that urban coming and going that increasingly blends flamenco, Latin air and hip hop with a captivating personality.

But Ojeando has always been a viewpoint of proposals in the shooting, like comets in that starry sky of the Sierra de las Nieves, like that fauna that can only be seen by the privileged in the Juanar valley. It is the case of Deera collective that stirs punk and electronic music without regard or grenadine Killmiya and his sessions yesterday and today.

According to the Ojeando organization, the festival wants to maintain those signs that identify it. It is a festival without crowds, and with absolute integration into the town that hosts it, with concerts in the main square and in the school courtyard.

Tickets for the festival, organized by the Ojén Town Hall and Oh! Wilde, with the collaboration of the Junta de Andalucía and the Provincial Council of Málaga, they can be purchased for 25 euros from this Friday, April 26, at 12 noon, at The bases for the camping and camper area will also be published soon and this service will be available for sale.
Likewise, in the coming days, the performances that will complete the Ojeando lineup and that will play music on the Plaza and Molino stages will be announced, which will maintain their usual two-day format.

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