Uve Sad doesn't like those 'Divas'

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Uve Sad doesn’t like those ‘Divas’

Uve Sad is another of those artists who have changed trap for guitars. From ‘Kisses in front of a bottle’, which exceeds 2 million views on Spotify alone, or his greatest success, a remix of ‘Mi culpa’ that is close to 5 million, the artist from Barcelona who became known in 2018 with the first of many singles, he has allowed himself to be soaked in emo, the Green Day and Good Charlotte sound, and the influence of pop-punk in general. Even his own image makes one think of a patriotic YungBlud, especially in the video clip for ‘Damn Anxiety’. Although it is not the topic that concerns us today.

Even trap – and animated visuals – have defined Victor Muñoz Olleta’s proposal in ‘Geox’ in 2023. The turning point seems to be the emo ballad ‘Si tú te vas’, where an avalanche of guitars that not even Evanescence imposes itself. Although it turns up the bpm, ‘Son of Darkness’ still lives up to its name.

And from today it is possible to listen to ‘Divas’, the new single by Uve Sad. ‘Divas’ goes for the jugular, assuming an energetic sound very typical of Blink-182 or El Canto del Loco, while the lyrics debate between name-dropping pop and total desolation.

“Her name is Stacy, her friend has a Bentley, I make love to her, she says she wants to have babies,” sings Uve Sad in this song that comes out via OneRPM, referring to one of the “divas” that torment her life . Next, Victor informs us that she likes “Call Me Maybe,” that she wears “Dior or Fendi,” and that her body “is skinny” (sic). He, meanwhile, warns that her love is “suicidal” and that she hasn’t slept for “a month.” Anxiety, again, lurks.

But Uve Sad knows what he has to do: “If you don’t see what I am, close up and leave me alone, because then I’ll be better.” As Aitana War sang, stop the bad. These divas were right.

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