Unique promotion to upgrade the sound processor to Nucleus 6

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Unique promotion to upgrade the sound processor to Nucleus 6

The users of Cochlear implant who do not yet have their latest and most advanced processor, the Nucleus 6, you have a unique opportunity to acquire it in very advantageous conditions. Until next May 8, those interested can benefit from a discount of 1,400 euros when purchasing this sound processor, the smallest in the world with the greatest features on the market.

The advantages of the new Cochlear processor are different from previous devices:

  • Automatic adjustment. The SmartSound IQ system will provide you with optimal hearing in any sound environment, without having to manually change programs.
  • The smallest and the most powerful. Nucleus 6 is the world’s smallest sound processor. Its ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort throughout the day.
  • Wireless freedom. The new processor is compatible with Cochlear wireless accessories, so you can talk on the phone, watch TV or chat with your friends without cables or complications.
  • Without fear of water. Nucleus 6 is coated with a water-repellent nano-coating and is compatible with the Aqua+ accessory to swim or dive with peace of mind.

Those interested in purchasing the Nucleus 6 can also benefit from the possibility of financing the purchase in easy installments*. In the case of the discount of 1,400 euros, this cannot be accumulated nor is it added to the one that can be given to MiClubGaes customers or other promotions.

The Nucleus 6 is now available in UMusic centers, where our specialists have the most extensive and detailed information on its characteristics.

* Financial services offered by Caixabank Consumer Finance, EFC,SAU

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