“uh uh uh”, el nuevo sencillo de Suave

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“uh uh uh”, the new single from Suave

The Bilbao artist Gentle has released his new single, “uh uh uh”, the first preview after the premiere of his latest EP, “ARTIFICIAL”.

“uh uh uh” constitutes an evolution of the sound and poetics that the artist already captured in his previous EP and which is presented with a careful video clip directed by himself, which redoubles its aesthetic commitment as an inseparable whole from the songs themselves. “uh uh uh” adds to the sound of Gentle a small glimmer of hope that announces better times. Its characteristic nostalgia remains, as does the desire to escape from what hurts us. However, he does it to finally move towards something better. With this song, the musician gives the starting signal for a new stage in his career.

In the last year, Gentle has become one of the most promising names on the national alternative scene. Anchored in a personal and recognizable style, the man from Bilbao has made his fusion of independent pop and the different branches of the most sophisticated electronic music a vehicle of expression that constitutes a hallmark. Thus, the musician expresses the feelings and sensations of a generation trapped in its problems, its social context and the idylls and disappointments of life.

Throughout the last few months, in which he has released songs like “AUTOBOICOT” or “LA OTRA PUNTA DEL MUNDO”, which later formed his EP, “ARTIFICIAL”released last winter, Gentle has consolidated its position in the national alternative scene. Thus, it has been able to attract producers such as D3plain either Thalamaswith which he develops a very personal artistic vision in which electronic music exceeds its expressive limits thanks to the ability of Gentle to connect with the deepest desires and pains of his audience.

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