U2 inauguran con “Discothèque”, una serie de EP's especiales

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U2 inaugurate with “Discothèque”, a series of special EPs

The Irish band U2 inaugurates a series of EP's with special content called “U2 TO LOVE AND ONLY LOVE. DEEP DIVES & B-SIDES.” The first release has “Discothèque” as the main protagonist.

Up to twelve EPs will be remastered under the campaign title “U2 TO LOVE AND ONLY LOVE- DEEP DIVES & B-SIDES”. As the title indicates, the remastered works will contain many mixes, remixes, B-sides and exclusive content from the band never revealed.

The “Discotheque” EP is now available and features twelve different tracks. Ten of them are mixes of the song and the remaining two are songs from the B-side of “Holy Joe”. Twenty-seven years have already passed since the publication of the hit that gives its name to this first remastered EP and which managed to be played on all the dance floors around the world.

The series will continue next April 19th with the new edition of “Staring At The Sun”. Each release will be accompanied by videos with images that have not been available before. Now we just have to stay tuned for the next releases to commemorate the best times of one of the most representative bands of Irish rock.

“Discothèque EP” includes these topics:

Discothèque (Radio Edit)
Holy Joe (Garage Mix)
Holy Joe (Guilty Mix)
Discothèque (DM Deep Club Mix)
Discothèque (Howie B, Hairy B Mix)
Discothèque (Hexidecimal Mix) (Long Version)
Discothèque (DM Tec Radio Mix)
Discothèque (DM Deep Instrumental Mix)
Discothèque (DM Deep Extended Club Mix)
Discothèque (David Holmes Mix)
Discothèque (DM Deep Beats Mix)
Discothèque (12” Version)

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