Tsatsamis does not want to be "one more" in his best single

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Tsatsamis does not want to be “one more” in his best single

Tsatsamis is an artist from London who has been active since 2022. His electronic pop, which contains obvious influences from club electronics, was recorded on a first EP called ‘Versions’ that includes some of his star songs.

Among them is ‘Lose Yourself’, which has accumulated half a million listens on Spotify, or ‘Good Time’. In both songs, pop and emotional electronica go hand in hand. The EP was reissued at the beginning of the year with the songs remixed by the revelation TAAHLIAH or Bright Light Bright Light.

The official biography says that Tsatsamis’ influences range from the Pet Shop Boys and Bronski Beat to more contemporary names like Caribou or Jamie xx. In Tsatsamis’ music, “George Michael’s voice and The Weeknd’s production” coexist. On the covers Aphex Twin is the inspiration.

Another name emerges in mind when listening to ‘Everybody Wants a Piece of You’, Tsatsamis’ new single, released a few days ago. Everything But the Girl from ‘Walking Wounded’ seems to guide the sound of this beautiful production, today’s Song Of The Day.

Caribou may also be an influence on the sound of ‘Everybody Wants a Piece of You’. In the song, Tsatsamis shows himself completely devoted to a boy, but he keeps him “a secret.” Tsatsamis wonders: “How can I be the person you need / when there are so many others you see?” Tsatsamis feels like “one more,” lost in his own “devotion.”

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