Troye Sivan does drag sounding like the latest Daft Punk

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Troye Sivan does drag sounding like the latest Daft Punk

Today Troye Sivan releases his new album, ‘Something to Give Each Other’. Boosted by ‘Rush’, ultimately a global hit that exceeds 130 million streams on Spotify alone, the album contains surprises such as Guitarricadelafuente’s collaboration on ‘In My Room’ or the even more improbable Jessica Pratt sample on ‘Can ‘Don’t Go Back, Baby.’

After the premiere of ‘Got Me Started’, which samples the melody of ‘Shooting Stars’ by Bag Raiders, well known in the world of memes; And from the release of her magnificent music video, Troye has more surprises.

The new single from ‘Something to Give Each Other’ is ‘One of Your Girls’ and, in the video, Sivan does drag. Serving the fantasy of a supermodel from the late 90s, or Britney Spears in different eras, Troye tries to seduce Ross Lynch, singer of R5 and The Driver Era, and star of Disney Channel, and with her new look she takes an original turn to the meaning of the song.

‘One of Your Girls’ talks, in Troye’s words, about her experiences “with boys who have never been with other boys, and who have shown interest in me.” The lyrics are practically a plea: “say what you want, I’ll keep it a secret, call me if you’re lonely, I’ll be like one of your girls.” Troye sings that this boy holds the “key to his heart.”

Musically, ‘One of Your Girls’ is a new synth-pop delight from Troye Sivan, produced by his right-hand man Oscar Görres. Here, the obvious reference is Daft Punk, specifically, their final album, ‘Random Access Memories’ (2013). The sound of vocoders and drums is tremendously similar, and so is the melancholic energy of the song. Just the addition of an acoustic guitar takes ‘One of Your Girls’ to a different place, ’90s rather than ’70s.

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