Trentemøller comparte un nuevo tema, “A Different Light”

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Trentemøller shares a new song, “A Different Light”

The Danish artist Trentemøller surprise presents “A Different Light”, the first single from what will be his new album, titled “Dreamweaver” and scheduled for the end of the year. This summer he will perform in Tenerife and in November he will visit both Barcelona and Madrid.

Try to imagine a musical accompaniment for a lunar eclipse. It probably sounds a lot like “A Different Light” by Anders Trentemøller. This single advances the artist's next work, “Dreamweaver” that takes over from the previous one “Memory” (22). It is a song where its musical physiognomy remains quite clear. It explores dichotomies, plays with shadows and the usual Nordic coldness is perceived (not exempt from some warm tones).

Although the music and lyrics are the work of Trentemøllerthe voices belong to the Icelandic Disawho has been in the Dane's orbit since touring with the album “Memory” where he surprised the public with his own versions. Furthermore, it represents a leap in artistic terms. We focus on the classical guitar notes that drive the song from beginning to end. Right in the middle of the song (the twilight of the eclipse) things get a little darker due to the entry of a synth. Trentemøller explains the following in this regard: “I wanted to advance in composition with both acoustic and electronic sounds. I feel that the interaction between these two worlds, the guitar strings and the synthesizer notes, have given the piece an extra dimension.”

He also ends up confessing that “The song reflects on issues such as longing, healing and the need for personal transformation. It is also about confusion and unresolved feelings that occur during any metamorphosis. I try to reflect on the transitory nature of dreams, loss and love. At the same time I recognize, and even accept, that this is all part of being human.”

Surely it will be played on the next tour Trentemøller through Spain, within its 2024 European Tour. The dates already confirmed are November 11 at the Sala Apolo in Barcelona and the November 12 at La Riviera in Madrid. She will also perform at the Phe Festival in Tenerife, on August 24.

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