Trent Reznor critica a las plataformas por los pobres royalties

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Trent Reznor criticizes platforms for poor royalties

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross They have been the protagonists of a long interview in which they not only talk about their most important songs, but also attack the platforms for the poor royalties they pay to artists.

The interview was for GQ And, although many very interesting topics are discussed, the one that draws the most attention is the treatment of streaming platforms with record labels and how little they pay artists. And there Trent Reznor has been very clear, citing specific examples.

Reznor talks about how streaming has mortally wounded many artists. And there is a phrase that sums it all up: “It works well if you are drakebut nothing good if you are Grizzly Bear“, referring to the American band that wrote albums like “Horn Of Plenty” (04) or “Veckatimest” (09). The leader of Nine Inch Nails feels that many groups cannot support themselves with the poor payments of the platforms, something that. In his view, it has an impact on art and music.

On the other hand, he also thinks that perhaps Apple could change the rules and start paying artists more, considering that its business is not only the world of music, while it is in the case of Spotify. On the more pessimistic side, he notes that “I think people just want to turn on the tap and listen to music. They don't really care about all the romantic shit that I thought mattered.”

In reality, in the interview they talk about countless things, so If you want to read it in full in English you can do so at this same link. Although you can also watch the video in which they talk about their most emblematic songs.

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