Trashi and Zahara's song is not 'One more'

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Trashi and Zahara’s song is not ‘One more’

trashi, one of the national revelation bands of the last year, thanks to the good acceptance of songs like ‘you don’t see me :(‘ or the charming ‘I want to sleep with you’ with Natalia Lacunza, both surpassing one million listens on Spotify, has just released release a single that is also a great curiosity in his career, since it is a collaboration with Zahara.

‘Uno más’ is the single that unites trashi and Zahara, influenced – or so it seems – by the most electrified indie that can come to mind. Echoes of post-punk, but also of Placebo or Bloc Party, appear in the recording as they did in Trashi’s previous single, ‘Te Quiero’.

A closer reference, the Alizzz of ‘Ya no Sentiment Nada’, which already seemed inspired by Placebo, may also have guided the sound of ‘Uno Más’, although in reality the mix of guitars and autotune was already one of the hallmarks of identity of the Murcia quartet formed by Sergio Nicolás (voice and guitar), Luz Abril (guitar), Luis Morera (bassist) and María Lázaro (drums). The production is signed by two hands InnerCut and Daniel Sabater.

In ‘Uno más’, Zahara puts the icing on the cake to a song that does not talk about ghosting to vindicate it, precisely. “If we were fine, why this drama, I don’t want to go through there again” is one of the loudest phrases that she leaves in ‘One more’. And yes, Zahara sings it. She has said that “doing this song together has been a trip to my 20s, to relive that anxiety from when they left you hanging and you didn’t know what you had done to make it happen.” The one from Úbeda remembers that “then we didn’t have a word to name it, we just felt bad and thought we had lost our minds.”

Both ‘Uno Más’ and ‘Te Quiero’ share a post-punk atmosphere in the production suitable for the live shows that Trashi are preparing these days. This January 26 they will be at the Sala Panda in Madrid and then they have dates at the Sala REM on February 23, at the Oh! See Málaga from May 24 to 25, at the Morriña Festival in A Coruña from July 26 to 27, and at Santander Music from August 2 to 3.

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