'Titi Me Preguntó' by Lola Indigo and La Zowi is just as fun

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‘Titi Me Preguntó’ by Lola Indigo and La Zowi is just as fun

Today Lola Indigo publishes a new epé, ‘GRX’, in which she collaborates exclusively with artists who, like her, come from Granada. DELLAFUENTE, Saiko or Pepe and Vizio are among the cast of artists from Granada invited to the new project by the author of ‘THE DRAGON’, although it seems that Saiko’s song will not be released until 2024.

Another of the guest stars is La Zowi. Mimi and La Reina del Sur deliver ‘I have a boyfriend’, an incredible song for exactly two reasons. The first is that ‘I have a boyfriend’ is clearly a response song to ‘Tití asked me’, Bad Bunny’s endless list of girlfriends. The second is that it is just as fun as that one… or more.

How many things can happen in a song that doesn’t last three minutes? That was the challenge that Lola Indigo seemed to set for herself in ‘La Santa’, one of the best songs of 2023. In ‘I have a boyfriend’ she goes further, going from reggaeton to the club, but leaving an endless amount of candy along the way. The same thing calls you to Los Ángeles Azules, or to Hannah Montana, which gives you a box spring effect like that of ‘My bed’ by Karol G.

Not to mention the “bling” effect that emerges in ‘I have a boyfriend’ (similar to that of ‘Kiss Me More’ by Doja Cat and SZA) when La Zowi sings that she has a boyfriend who she “gets the most out of” , when she is not entertaining herself with someone else who, yes, “eats her pussy.” Lola Indigo has a boyfriend for “every day of the week”, one “has her small, the other medium”, she sings. Of course, she seems happy with a “gringo” who has her “bent like the neck of a flamingo.” Bingo.

And, as if to make sure that no DJ forgets to play ‘I have a boyfriend’, the song turns the turbo in the final section by inserting a house beat, with which the producers Tunvao and GARABATTO already go crazy “chopping” the phrase “I have a boyfriend who eats my pussy, who eats my pussy, who eats my pussy, who grabs my bun, who grabs my bun.” I want to dance this, really.

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