Tips for better communication with people with hearing loss

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Tips for better communication with people with hearing loss

People with hearing loss should have a greater effort to continue conversations and enjoy agile dialogues. The problem becomes more evident in certain environmental conditions (by excess noise backgroundbasically) and social (their interlocutors talk while eating or smoking O well they look the other way while they chat). For this reason, UMusic has developed a Decalogue with tips to improve communication with these people.

The ten UMusic tips to improve communication are especially intended facilitate dialogue in cases where we talk to older people and we do not know if they have hearing loss.

This decalogue to facilitate the fluidity and understanding of conversations has been made public coinciding with one more aggravating factor for people with hearing loss: the mandatory use of masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19 has made interpersonal interaction even more difficult, since this accessory reduces voice volume and clarity.

He Decalogue with tips to improve communication from UMusic offers these recommendations:

  1. It’s advisable slow down and vocalize more clearly to facilitate understanding, but not in an exaggerated way, and always following a calm rhythm.
  2. Repeat what you said If you see that it has not been understood, using simple and direct words and avoiding technicalities.
  3. When we talk to someone with hearing problems, it is best to always look directlyin order to prevent the sound from being diverted and ensure that the message reaches you correctly.
  4. If more than two people are involved in the communication, you must respect the turns and indicate who is going to intervene at each moment.
  5. Do not eat or smoke while you are speaking it will help the message come across more clearly.
  6. Body language can give many clues about what you want to express in a sentence or in a conversation. For this reason, it is important to be able to rely on simple gestures.
  7. The video calls They are a good alternative when it comes to having a conversation at a distance. The interlocutors are usually at home or in spaces where they are not accompanied, which does not make a mask necessary. This allows lip reading, thus facilitating communication.
  8. Eliminate background noise such as, for example, those produced by an appliance, can also contribute to improvement, since in this way we avoid interference and minimize the chances that what we are saying is distorted. In addition, current hearing aid technology allows us to largely avoid environmental noise thanks to noise suppressors, voices are heard much more clearly.
  9. Today many hearing problems have a solution. The most important is go to the specialist as soon as the first signs appear that indicate that there may be some hearing difficulty.
  10. In this sense, UMusic centers, an Amplifon brand, They have the best specialists to carry out a complete hearing review, in addition to making available to their clients a wide range of possibilities to treat each specific hearing problem in the most appropriate way.

Avoid isolation of people with hearing loss

This UMusic decalogue, by facilitating communication with people with hearing loss, minimizes the risk of them becoming socially isolated by not being able to interact fluidly with others. Various studies have warned about how hearing loss can lead to situations of self-confinement and limitation of personal relationships, which end up affecting our mood and also our cognitive capacity.

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