Tinashe's 'Nasty' deserves to be more than a microviral

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Tinashe's 'Nasty' deserves to be more than a microviral

Tinashe is experiencing a small viral moment thanks to TikTok. Someone has associated 'Nasty' with a video of two people dancing a choreography, with the fade from one shot to another more chanante than can be remembered, and the topic has started to run. 'Nasty' is currently getting its best streaming, after its premiere last April, and has already made it into the top 20 most viral songs in the United States on Spotify.

Other media are also echoing Tinashe's microviral, which should go further and crossover to the real charts: 'Nasty' deserves to be one of the songs of the summer.

'Nasty' is an R&B cut in the style of Tinashe, and its hooks are various. There is the hammering of the phrase “I've been a nasty girl, nasty”, the melodic chorus “if you keep up with me”, the telephone-like bass of the instrumental base, so typical of neo-soul or, for example, Of course, Tinashe bars talking about going pantyless in the car seat, among other things.

The video for 'Nasty' makes the song win by combining signature choreography with a sci-fi aesthetic inspired by 'Mad Max' and the presence of drones.

'Nasty' is the first preview of Tinashe's upcoming mini-album, 'BB/ANG3L pt.2: Quantum Baby'. It is the second part of her previous work, 'BB / ANG3L', which contains notable songs such as 'Talk to Me Nice' or 'Tightrope'.

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