Tierra Whack sings in the shower "like Whitney, Britney, Aretha, Alicia"

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Tierra Whack sings in the shower “like Whitney, Britney, Aretha, Alicia”

Tierra Whack, the innovative R&B artist who became known in 2018 with her 15-minute mini-album ‘Whack World’, and with the surreal video clip for ‘Unemployed’, returns six years later with what is considered her official debut. ‘World Wide Whack’ goes on sale March 15.

In recent years, Tierra Whack has had time to publish the EPs ‘Rap?’, ‘Pop?’ and ‘R&B’, all of them released in 2021, and also several singles such as ‘Chanel Pit’. In addition, she has conquered Beyoncé, who invited her to ‘The Lion King: The Gift’ and, after her, named her in the official remix of ‘Break My Soul’ and ‘Vogue’.

But Whack completely follows his ball, oblivious to all fashion, in his new project. ‘Shower Song’, the first single from ‘World Wide Whack’, is an extremely minimalist funky production, so much so that it seems like the skeleton of a song she didn’t want to finish. But the subtle changes in tempo, the sticky texture of the base and the keyboard riffs give it body.

Today’s Song Of The Day, ‘Shower Song’ describes Tierra Whack’s morning routine. She gets up, exfoliates her face, and gets into the shower. She is in no hurry to leave the house or answer the call that just rang. Tierra puts on music and “sings like Whitney, Britney, Aretha and Alicia” and also says that she “sounds great.” And so Whack spends her morning.

‘Shower Song’ is so minimalist that it seems like another Tierra Whack microsong, but no: it lasts almost three minutes and dares to end with a fade out. We leave you with the video clip for ‘Shower Song’, a sweet treat directed by Alex Da Corte, responsible for all the art on the album.

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