Thurston Moore cancels tour due to 'debilitating' condition

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Thurston Moore cancels tour due to ‘debilitating’ condition

Thurston Moore, founder of Sonic Youth, has announced the cancellation of the US presentation of his book ‘Sonic Life’. In a message, Moore reveals that he suffers from a “debilitating” health condition that has worsened in recent years and prevents him from traveling by plane.

“I am deeply saddened to inform you that I have received a recommendation from my medical team here in the United Kingdom to cancel my book tour in the United States,” Moore writes. «For years, I have been dealing with a persistent health condition, although it has never stopped me from touring and recording. However, it has always been a problem that has been there and, as we reach middle age this year, it has become quite debilitating. “After consulting my doctors, they have recommended that I not fly anywhere under any circumstances until they can resolve the problem.”

Moore, solo author of albums such as ‘By the Fire’ (2020) or ‘The Best Day’ (2015), assures that the cancellation of the presentation of his book deeply “distresses” him, as he has spent the last few years writing and intensively editing the book, hoping to talk about it with his fans. Moore hopes to restart his book presentation in the near future, when his doctors give him the OK to travel by plane.

‘Sonic Life’ is the autobiography of Thurston Moore. In the book, Moore recalls “his years as a music-obsessed teenager, the formation of Sonic Youth, and the 30 years of experimentation” that followed. ‘Sonic Life’ comes out on October 24. ‘The girl in the group’, the autobiography of her bandmate Kim Gordon, was released in 2015.

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