This is 'With Security' the best ballad of The Good Son

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This is ‘With Security’ the best ballad of The Good Son

Defending that timeless indie pop that is no longer so popular, El Buen Hijo have released, this year, another album that invites you to continue loving them. In ‘Comes and Goes’, The Good Son have continued to build their particular imaginary.

The singles ‘Me lapidaría’ and ‘Un buenos lago’ have been two good hooks towards the second long project of the Madrid-based band. But there were other surprises, other hidden treasures. Today we stop at what, ‘With security’, is the best ballad that The Good Son has written.

In an interview with JENESAISPOP, Marco Frías declared that the influences of The Good Son have served as a guiding light in the sound of his new album. Le Mans was one of the groups mentioned. ‘Safely’ emits closer echoes of The Planets, but Marco cites two specific influences, ‘Hard, Fast & Beautiful’ by Cinerama and ‘Something Changed’ by Pulp.

That “something has changed” is perceived in the lyrics of this moving ballad. Here, Marco explains that something has mutated in him. Marco sings about the need to “process what we’ve experienced” and also about that “feeling that for once I know what I’m saying, for sure.” “I’ll smoke a cigarette, in front of this glass, which the handsome man lifts up for me, I think I want to conquer myself” is another of his beautiful rhymes.

In words to JENESAISPOP, Marco explains that ‘With security’ “speaks of the specific moment in which one wakes up one day hopeful about the present and the future, without a clear reason, but at the end of the day you wake up hopeful, and “This is literally stated in the topic.” “This sensation is usually ephemeral,” he notes, “but when you record it and capture it in a song, it somehow becomes an eternal sensation.” In ‘Safely’, The Good Son freezes an ephemeral moment of pure happiness, forever in time.

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