This is how Dorian conquered the Liceu

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This is how Dorian conquered the Liceu

This Wednesday, November 29, Dorian will release their live album recorded last June at El Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona. It was a dream concert in which the group relied on up to six musicians, highlighting the string and percussion arrangements.

The live album is called ‘Dorian at El Gran Teatre del Liceu: Una noche en la vida’ and is made up of 11 songs, of which JENESAISPOP today has the pleasure of premiering the live video for ‘The friends I lost’, one of Dorian’s greatest hits. Marc presents it as the story of that gray man who decides to start a new life, even leaving his loved ones behind. The song not only has the support of the strings, but of the entire Liceu singing the zenith of the composition.

‘Artificial paradises’ or ‘Anywhere else’ are some of the songs that you can also find since Wednesday on this live album, along with others from their latest album ‘Ritual’, such as ‘Dual’. After having visited countries such as the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina, Dorian is taking a break from the stage, although already announcing that they will return to activity in mid-2024.

1. Opening
2. The friends I lost
3. The tremor with Antonio García (Bogotá Burns)
4. Artificial paradises
5. Dual
6. See you sunrise
7. Free
8. Solar
9. Market studies
10. Universal with Suu
11. Any other part

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