These are the contestants of Operación Triunfo 2023

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These are the contestants of Operación Triunfo 2023

Operation Triumph is back. A new edition of the musical reality show will kick off next Monday at 10:00 p.m. on Prime Video. And, as we get closer to the premiere date, the more information we have about its operation and participants.

Although the platform does not usually broadcast live content, Operación Triunfo will have live galas presented by Chenoa, post-galas by Masi, a daily program by Xuso Jones and a 24-hour channel on YouTube. The jury will be made up of Buika, Rouss, Cristina Regatero and a guest, while the academy teachers will be Noemí Galera, Manu Guix, Vicky Gómez and Mamen Márquez.

As for the contestants, Prime Video has released two special episodes to reveal the process behind the final casting. In total, 18 contestants have been selected, although 2 will be eliminated in Gala 0 of the reality show.

These are the contestants:
Denna (22 years old, Granada)
Omar (26 years old, Guadalajara)
Bea (19 years old, Madrid)
Juanjo (19 years old, Zaragoza)
Salma (20 years old, Malaga)
Martin (18 years old, Bilbao)
Lucas (22 years old, Uruguay)
Naiara (26 years old, Zaragoza)
Álvaro Mayo (21 years old, Seville)
Cris (24 years old, Tenerife)
Ruslana (18 years old, Ukraine)
Lina de Sol (20 years old, Vigo)
Suzete (22 years old, Sao Tome and Principe)
Edu (25 years old, Tenerife)
Paul (20 years old, Granada)
Chiara (19 years old, Menorca)
Álex Márquez (24 years old, Córdoba)
Violeta (22 years old, Granada)

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