'The Witch Train' should have been another Joe Twilight macrohit

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‘The Witch Train’ should have been another Joe Twilight macrohit

Joe Crepúsculo has two very important dates: on Friday, October 20, he performs at La Riviera in Madrid and on January 27 he will be at La (2) de Apolo in Barcelona. It’s time to recover one of his latest productions.

Crepus has been celebrating the 10th anniversary of its big hit, ‘Mi factory de baile’, with an EP that features remixes in cumbia, conga, bulerías rock or in Italian of that song. Camellos, Tomasito and the Mexican Institute of Sound have accompanied him in this project that the public is enjoying so much. But we are going to go back a little further to recover one of the lost gems of what has been Joe Crepúsculo’s last album to date, ‘Trovador tecno’. Not in vain was it one of the best albums of 2022.

‘Trovador Tecno’ was promoted with singles such as ‘Carreteras de Passion’, ‘Pensar el tiempo’, ‘Paranoia’ and ‘Jose House’. There was even a deluxe reissue of the album with a new song called ‘Barcelona’. Recordings as interesting or fun as ‘Tecnocasa’, ‘Velo de Maya’ or ‘El tren de la witch’ were left in the pipeline without being an official single. This last one is finally our Song of the Day today, after a year and a half without leaving our heads.

‘The Witch’s Train’ talks about someone who is at the fair “all day”, but is not happy, not even making others happy: “the happiness of others pays for my food, and because of so much joy my heart is sad.” life”. Harassed by inner ghosts and a declared addiction to alcohol (“at the end of the day I’m going to fart”), the narrator tries to get up at the end, to proclaim that we must lose the fear of what life has in store for us, in the same way that we lose our fear of the “witch train.” The theme seems to look for the moment when the broom stops terrifying us and makes us laugh: “we don’t have to be afraid of witches / we have to be afraid of being afraid.”

In an interview with JENESAISPOP, Joe Crepúsculo placed ‘El Tren de la Bruja’ as one of the darkest tracks on the album, but with nuances: «I wanted the album to be solar, to have daylight. There are some dark features like ‘The Witch Train’, but there is always a final light. Likewise, he recognized the song as influenced by Camela but also as a “hybrid of many melodies.” Its production was certainly fair-like, tipping the balance towards euphoria and celebration, as I bet will be the case these days when this song will surely be part of the Crepus repertoire in both Madrid and Barcelona. Tickets available here.

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