The use of artificial intelligence proposed by FKA twigs

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The use of artificial intelligence proposed by FKA twigs

In the United States, under the motto 'No Fakes', events are being held in which public figures reflect on the use of artificial intelligence. Warner and the RIAA are behind the organization. The image of FKA twigs in the Senate has gone viral in music media such as Stereogum or Popcrave, for two reasons. On the one hand, her exposure of the damage that it can do to artists, and on the other, the regulated use that the artist proposes as an alternative.

The artist has declared: «My brand is mine, it has taken me years to develop it. “I am me, I am a human being and we have to protect that.” In the viral video, FKA twigs says that the issue is so “painfully obvious” that it is difficult for her to find the words to express herself, but Senator Chris Coons, of the Democratic Party, responds with a laugh that it is okay because many things are “painfully obvious.” ” pass through said chamber.

On the one hand, FKA twigs has said that “it is vital that as an industry and as legislators we work together to ensure we do everything possible to protect our creative and intellectual rights, as well as the very basis of who we are. We must do this right. You must do it well. Already. Before it is too late”.

However, the artist has also explained these days that she herself is going to use artificial intelligence to develop her own career, as Rolling Stone reports. «During this year, I have developed my own deepfake version of myself. I am training her not only with my personality but in the exact tone of my voice, and in different languages.

Furthermore, he is clear about the use he will give it: «My branches AI will help me expand my audience and interact on my social networks, while I continue to focus on the artistic part with the comfort and solitude of my studio. “This technology has high value artistically and commercially, but when it is under the control of the artist.”

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