The South Hill Experiment makes you feel like everything is 'Alright, OK'

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The South Hill Experiment makes you feel like everything is ‘Alright, OK’

The South Hill Experiment is the Los Angeles duo formed by brothers Baird and Gabriel Acheson. Separately, both Baird and Gabe have developed their respective solo careers, releasing five albums between them. In all cases, they have ended up collaborating with each other, both in their own projects and those of others. For example, they have left their mark on two BROCKHAMPTON albums.

In their joint project they explore the intersections between hip-hop, folk and psychedelic rock. Their debut ‘MOONSHOTS’ was released last May. And, this Friday, their second album, ‘SUNSTRIKES’, has arrived on the market, an album recorded in the middle of a heat wave, which sounds like that.

The album has been presented with three singles. ‘Parker Solar Probe’ has straddled a sound between psych-rock and the rhythms of disco music. The style of ‘Snake at the Altar’, close to Unknown Mortal Orchestra, has been more guitar-driven. The mix of guitars and hip-hop has guided the latest single, ‘O SOFIA’.

The current focus track is ‘Alright, OK’. On this song, The South Hill Experiment give themselves over to their folk side, so much so that they can’t help but sound like groups like Fleet Foxes or Vetiver. It’s today’s Song Of The Day.

Without giving up psychedelia, ‘Alright, OK’ tells us that “some things are better not to know.” Ironically, this phrase, repeated endlessly in the song, remains completely etched in memory. In ‘Alright, OK’, The South Hill Experiment deliver a melody as infectious as any pop hit, only they wrap it in sounds closer to pastoral folk, and also to the Beach Boys. When they sing “don’t worry, everything is fine,” the music itself makes you float, oblivious to the problems.

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