The PSOE asks Sánchez to stay at the pace of Quevedo

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The PSOE asks Sánchez to stay at the pace of Quevedo

Pedro Sánchez revolutionized the political landscape of our country last Wednesday. After denouncing a campaign of “harassment and demolition” that he says he and his family are suffering due to information supposedly linked to his wife, Sánchez announced that he was thinking about whether or not to continue leading the Executive.

This has led the left to occupy the surroundings of Ferraz to ask Pedro Sánchez not to give up and not to resign. But, far from being a demonstration with insults or where pessimism prevailed, the demonstration in front of the PSOE headquarters has been a celebration. Although there are no photographs that confirm the presence of Quevedo, Bizarrap, Raffaella Carrà or Rigoberta Bandini, there are audios that show that their songs were there.

“Pedro, stay!” shouted in unison the 12,500 supporters who, according to the Government Delegation, were gathered in Ferraz. But how to shout “Pedro, stay” without following it with “the night hurts without you”? Protesters sang, danced and laughed as they called on the president not to leave office. “You are not alone,” they let him know repeatedly.

“I was born to be a bitch, please let me be one,” they shouted to show their support for Pedro Sánchez. Rigoberta's anthem is now the new soundtrack for Sánchez, who in the last elections won the saying from “The sanxe dog knows more about a dog than about a sanxe.” “Because where empty basins dawn, she will place two stones for the future,” sang the socialist militancy in reference to Joan Manuel Serrat.

From Quevedo's 'Quédate' they moved on to Rigoberta's 'Perra' to continue it with Raffaella Carrá's 'Pedro', making the people sing the “Pedro, Pedro, Pe” of the chorus while María Jesús Montero and Teresa Ribera danced to the sound of music. Later, the PSOE would choose the song 'Something that serves as light' by Supersubmarina in a video broadcast on social networks about what happened at the demonstration. The sister of one of the members of the group was mayor of the PSOE in Baeza between 2015 and 2023.

Pedro Sánchez will communicate his decision tomorrow. Will he stay to the rhythm of Quevedo, or will they sing to him “Qué lástima pero adiós” by Julieta Venegas? «At this point, the question I legitimately ask myself is, is all this worth it? Sincerely I dont know. (…) Many times we forget that behind politicians there are people. And I, I am not ashamed to say it, I am a man deeply in love with my wife who lives helplessly with the mud that is spread on her day in and day out. wrote on Wednesday.

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