La banda de post-hardcore Soulside actuará en Barcelona

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The post-hardcore band Soulside will perform in Barcelona

Before Girls Against Boysthree of its members were part of soulside, a true cult band from Washington DC that was formed in 1985. Now they will visit us with their singer, Bobby Sullivan, for the first time in their career. They will be accompanied by none other than New Vulcan.

soulside They were formed in 1985 in Washington DC, the true cradle of post-hardcore, to break up in 1989 and become one of those cult formations that many other bands usually mention whenever they have the opportunity. Later, in 2014 they met again and since then they continue playing and making albums. The last one so far is “A Brief Moment In The Sun”Recorded by J. Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines) with the participation of Ian Mackaye (Fugazi, The Evens, Coriky), album that they will present at their Barcelona concert, while reviewing a discography that has never been played on stage in our country.

soulside is formed Bobby Sullivan (singer), Scott McCloud (guitar), Johnny Temple (low) and Alexis Fleisig (battery). Once the band dissolved in 1989, McCloud, Temple and Fleisig formed the group Girls Against Boys together with producer Eli Janney, who visited us on several occasions, becoming one of the most appreciated American post-hardcore groups of the nineties and early two thousand. McCloud had the project Paramount Styles and, together with Temple, captained New Wet Kojak.

But Soulside will not be alone that night – the one of the May 24, in the Paral·lel 62 room in Barcelona, but they will be accompanied by some musicians with whom they became friends during the Girls Against Boys days. We are talking about the people of Barcelona New Vulcan, who will be celebrating twenty years since their first concert and the publication of their first album. Let us remember that its members had also been part of other hardcore and post-hardcore bands such as Aina, Shanty Rd. and The Moonmen.

Tickets are now on sale at this same link.

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