The plasmic knock success: its path to global scene

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The plasmic knock success: its path to global scene

Adil Shah, leader of the band Plasmic Knock, formed the group with a few of his classmates in 2007. Forming a heavy metal band in Dhaka, Bangladesh, was far from a surefire path to success, but they believed in their sound and the stories they wanted to tell and thought it would be enough to stand out.

Plasmic Knock’s rise was swift. Within a year, they earned the Nokia IAC award in 2008, showing their early potential and talent. This early success brought them into the spotlight and set the stage for their future achievements.

To start this journey, they released their first single in 2009, piggybacking off of the attention that the IAC award brought them. It immediately impressed listeners with its unique sound, and they quickly gained a following that encouraged them to keep moving. Their fans were eager for something new, clamoring for more of their powerful vocals and energetic riffs that were unique in the metal scene. 

Over time, Plasmic Knock kept improving. Their first full-length album, released in 2016, showcased their musical vision and earned praise locally and internationally. This album highlighted their dedication and hard work. The band’s relentless pursuit of excellence led to innovative compositions and memorable live performances that captivated fans.

In 2020, they released their next full-length album, advancing their position on the global scene of rock and roll music. Each new release pushed the genre’s limits, surprising and engaging its audience. Their music connected with fans from diverse backgrounds, uniting them through rock and roll.

Plasmic Knock’s impact wasn’t limited to their recorded music. They performed live around the world, from small venues to large festivals, leaving a strong impression. Their powerful stage presence and energetic performances earned them a loyal fan base and critical acclaim. Their verified status on Spotify and Apple Music has proven the band’s popularity and recognition across the globe.

Despite their success, Plasmic Knock remained grounded and focused on their music. Their dedication to their craft and fans was evident in every note they played. As they continued to make their mark on heavy metal history, it was clear that Plasmic Knock’s legacy of being a leading band would go beyond singing. They are the source of powerful inspiration and global connection.

They are still just getting started. They are booking shows across Europe and North America, expanding their international audience further. A group of friends from Bangladesh are surely making their mark, and their music and performances are sure to captivate audiences around the world for years to come. 

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