The orchestra's revenge: Apashe returns to Barcelona

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The orchestra’s revenge: Apashe returns to Barcelona

Apashe, the Belgian producer who creates true sonic battlefields thanks to his epic mix of electronics, hip-hop and orchestrations, returns to Barcelona. On February 15, Apashe will be presenting his new album ‘Antagonist’ at the Razzmatazz room, where he was already seen a couple of seasons ago exhibiting his own ‘Renaissance’. Tickets are still on sale.

Apashe’s new songs gathered in ‘Antagonist’ remain faithful to maximalism. Just read some of their titles: ‘Revenge of the Orchestra’ sounds like what you expect. ‘Devil May Cry’ captures an orchestral drama that could soundtrack ‘The Crown’. Speaking of kings and crowns, ‘King’ opens engorilada with a collaboration by Busta Rhymes. Apashe has recorded the songs for ‘Antagonist’ with the Prague and Bulgarian Symphony Orchestras and has also created music videos in Bulgaria, India and Mongolia.

Which brings us to the different influences of ‘Antagonist’. ‘Catch Me’ mixes orchestras and rave, being one of the most immediate hits ever signed by Apashe, but the music of India is present in the percussions of ‘Antagonist’, for example in ‘Gasoline’. It is pure “gasoline”, on the other hand, the UK garage of ‘Lost in Mumbai’, while ‘Fracture’ or ‘Human’ indulge in soldierly hip-hop that, adding dubstep beats to the mix, lend themselves to video clips just as warlike. Hot or cold, Apashe serves revenge, that’s for sure.

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