The new Ponto 4 osseointegrated processor: the Open Sound revolution

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The new Ponto 4 osseointegrated processor: the Open Sound revolution

The arrival of processor Point 4 represents a real novelty in the market of hearing solutions. It is not only the world’s smallest bone anchored sound processorbut also offers a 360 degree sound experience: Its technology offers constant access to sound from all directions and allows the brain to decide what to focus on. With Ponto 4 comes the revolution of open sound.

He Open Sound Navigator It implies, without a doubt, a paradigm shift in the osseointegrated prostheses. Thanks to this new system, the Processing of all sounds is constant and ultra-fast, with a frequency of 100 times per second. Furthermore, it generates a automatic balance of all sound sources and Instantly eliminates excess noiseeven between the words of a conversation.

To the novelty of the 360º sound experience offered by the Ponto 4, another uniqueness must be added: it is the smallest bone anchored processor on the market. In fact, its size is 27% smaller than that of its predecessor, the Point 3. In addition, its processing speed has improved thanks to the operating system Velox S.

Ponto 4: the first bone-integrated processor connected to the Internet

Ponto 4 is the world’s first bone anchored sound processor that can connect to the Internet. Thanks to your 2.4 GHz wireless technology and through his Oticon ON application and the IFTT network (“If This Then That”), this processor offers new features:

• Easy connection with any device: television, radio, tablet or computer.
Wireless connection with any smartphone model, thanks to the ConnectClip microphone.
• Facilitates phone calls in hands-free mode.
• Transmit music directly from any device.
• It allows receive voice notifications when you receive a e-mail or when someone knocks on the door, for example.
• The Oticon ON applicationavailable for iOS and Androidallows you to adjust the processor volume, as well as change programs and receive low battery alerts.

For more information about the new Ponto 4 processor you can contact or contact he Nearest UMusic Implantation Care Center.

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