El disco más caro de todos los tiempos podrá escucharse en público

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The most expensive album of all time can be heard in public

“Once Upon A Time In Shaolin” of Wu Tang Clan It is considered the most expensive and rare album in history. Now it can be heard publicly as part of an art exhibition in Tasmania (Australia).

There is only one physical copy of the disk “One Upon A Time In Shaolin”what was the seventh album by the American rapper collective Wu Tang Clan. Recorded between 2006 and 2013, the album was pressed in 2014 on a single CD without the possibility of further digital or streaming copies being made. It was later kept in a high security chamber at the Royal Mansour Hotel in Marrakech (Morocco) until the following year when it was auctioned with the obligation under contract that the music could not be exploited commercially until the year 2103.

The album includes songs recorded by the group and, according to what has been written, two special collaborations from the group itself. Cher. The album was presented in a luxurious box and with a wax seal with the collective's logo closing it.

So this will be the first time that the album can be heard in public, since the economic benefit is not sought, but rather it is part of an artistic exhibition in the Museum Of Old And New Art in Hobart (Tasmania, Australia). In fact, it is allowed to play it on limited listening, although at the auction of his vein in 2015 a quarter-hour medley could be heard so that potential buyers knew what they were buying. In any case, at MONA you can listen to half an hour of the material in private listening sessions for ten days.

Finally, the album, which lasts a total of one hundred and twenty-eight minutes and includes thirty-one songs, ended up in the hands of the pharmaceutical speculator Martin Shkreli what did you pay two million dollars for the disk. Subsequently, the American justice system accused him of fraud and among what the law seized from him was the disk that the United States Department of Justice sold to Pleasr by four million dollars in 2021.

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