'the Messiah' turns Papa Topo into another sublime chapter

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‘the Messiah’ turns Papa Topo into another sublime chapter

This Thursday the impressive fourth chapter of ‘the Messiah’ was shared on Movistar+… after the trauma of the third. The portrait of a Spain devout to the extreme hurts like the starkest social cinema ever made in Europe.

The humorous note continues to be provided by the music, like that foray into ‘Baladas en español’ by Roxette, probably the most kitsch album in history, or the cameo that PAPA TOPO starred in in the same episode. Delighted to participate, the group makes more or less of itself.

They play at a festival that appears in the series with their disco song ‘Blood in the Shoes’… only the lyrics have been transformed into a religious experience. Now the song is called ‘I have stigmata on my hands (Lord)’. The lyrics are completely renewed, but not the original production of La Casa Azul.

To put themselves in the shoes of this group in a parallel universe, PAPA TOPO imagined that “the extreme right had won the last general elections, having to abandon faggot and rojerío to become LOS PAPA MOVILS, a Catholic pop band that praises the miracles of the Lord in religious macrofestivals.

The new lyrics indicate that “People admire the wounds that the Lord has given me / A weak sign of union with the beloved / God has marked me like a sheep of the flock / I am a living image of Christ the King crucified.” From Elefant they assure that soon there will be new albums from PAPA TOPO.

On the other hand, we remind you that the original music you are listening to these weeks in ‘la Mesías’ is by Refree, but the songs by the imaginary group Stella Maris have been composed by Hidrogenesse.

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