'The Messiah' devastates the Feroz;  film awards are distributed

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‘The Messiah’ devastates the Feroz; film awards are distributed

‘La Mesías’ has been the big winner of the Feroz Awards held this Friday. We cannot say that the series won all the awards it was up for, because several actors and actresses competed against each other in the same categories, but it is true that there is no category that the series missed.

The series by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi won the award for Best Drama Series, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress. The winners were Roger Casamajor, Lola Dueñas, Albert Pla and Irene Balmes, which left Amaia, Carmen Machi, Ana Rujas, Macarena García or Biel Rossell Perfort without a statuette. The excellent ‘Poquita Fe’ could have won Best Comedy Series.

In cinema, the awards were much more distributed. ‘20,000 species of bees’ was the Best Drama Film and ‘Robot Dreams’ the Best Comedy, but the Best Director was Bayona for ‘The Snow Society’ and the Best Screenplay went to the notable ‘Upon Entry’, which we recently recommended precisely talking about his possibilities in the Feroz. ‘Close your eyes’ by Víctor Erice is the big loser of the cast, leaving with nothing when she was the favorite with 9 nominations.

As for actors, Malena Alterio, David Verdaguer, Patricia López Arnaiz and La Dani were the winners in the film categories. This one, best supporting actor for ‘I’m loving you madly’, made a speech that was visibly moved.

As El País reports, several personalities have shown their support for the 3 women in the industry who have denounced sexual and power abuse by director Carlos Vermut from the red carpet. Among them, the Minister of Culture Ernest Urtasun, the Vice President of the Government Yolanda Díaz, as well as Aitana Sánchez Gijón, Jedet, Carolina Yuste, José Coronado, Berto Romero, Brays Efe, Juan Antonio Bayona, Isabel Coixet, Javier Calvo and a long etcetera .

Best dramatic film
Close your eyes, by Víctor Erice
A love, by Isabel Coixet
20,000 species of bees, by Estíbaliz Urresola
The Snow Society, by Juan Antonio Bayona
Upon Entry, by Alejandro Rojas and Juan Sebastián Vasquez

Best comedy film
Under therapy, by Gerardo Herrero
The Girls Are Fine, by Itsaso Arana
Mamacruz, by Patricia Ortega
Robot Dreams, by Pablo Berger
I’m loving you madly, by Alejandro Marin

Best screenplay
Estíbaliz Urresola, for 20,000 species of bees
Isabel Coixet and Laura Ferrero, for Un amor
Víctor Erice and Michel Gaztambide, for Closing your eyes
Elena Martín Gimeno, by Creatura
Juan Sebastián Vásquez and Alejandro Rojas, for Upon Entry

Best address
Víctor Erice, for Closing your eyes
Juan Antonio Bayona, for The Snow Society
Isabel Coixet, for One Love
Elena Martín Gimeno, by Creatura
Estíbaliz Urresola, for 20,000 species of bees

Best leading actress
Laia Costa, for One Love
Malena Alterio, why no one sleeps
Kiti Mánver, by Mamacruz
María Vázquez, by Matria
Carolina Yuste, by Know that

Best Leading Actor
Alberto Ammann, for Upon Entry
Enric Auquer, for The Master Who Promised the Sea
Hovik Keuchkerian, for One Love
Manolo Solo, for Closing your eyes
David Verdaguer, by They Know That

Best Supporting Actress
Ane Gabarain, for 20,000 species of bees
Luisa Gavasa, for The Master Who Promised the Sea
Patricia López Arnaiz, for 20,000 species of bees
Aitana Sánchez Gijón, why Nobody Sleeps
Ana Torrent, for Close your eyes

Best Supporting Actor
La Dani, for I’m loving you madly
Luis Bermejo, for One Love
José Coronado, for Close your eyes
Oriol Pla, by Creatura
Hugo Silva, for One Love

Best original music
Federico Jusid, for Closing your eyes
Zeltia Montes, so that no one sleeps
Alfonso de Vilallonga, by Robot Dreams
Michael Giacchino, for The Snow Society
Nico Casal, from I am loving you madly

best poster
Cristina Hernández Bernardo, for 20,000 species of bees
Sergio Pozas and Manolo Pavón, for Closing your eyes
Alejandro Llamas Sánchez by O Corno
Iñaki Villuendas and José Haro by Herman Muerte
José Luis Ágreda, for Robot Dreams

best trailer
Liviu Neagoe, for 20,000 species of bees
Elena Gutiérrez, for Close your eyes
Miguel Ángel Anantonio, by Know that
Harry Eaton, for The Snow Society
Mikel Garmilla, for I am loving you madly

Best drama series
The body on fire – Produced by Andrea Martínez, Ibón Cormenzana and Ignasi Estapé
The Left-Handed Son – Produced by Domingo Corral, Fran Araújo, Alberto Félez, Cristina Sutherland and José Antonio Félez
The Messiah – Produced by Domingo Corral, Fran Araújo, Susana Herreras, Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi
Rapa – Produced by Domingo Corral, Susana Herreras and Alfonso Blanco
Selftape – Produced by Mireia Vilapuig, Joana Vilapuig, Iván Mercadé and Jaume Ripoll

Best comedy series
Appointments Barcelona – Produced by Pau Freixas, Eric Navarro, Laura Fernández and Oriol Sala-Patau
This is not Sweden – Produced by Marta Baldó, Aina Clotet, Sergi Cameron and Marc Clotet
The Other Side – Produced by Fran Araújo, Susana Herreras, Xen Subirats, Laura Fernández Espeso, Toni Carrizosa, Javier Pons and Javier Méndez
Little faith – Produced by Fran Araújo, Ignacio Corrales and Pepe Ripoll

Best script for a series
Laura Sarmiento, Eduard Solá, Carlos López and José Luis Martín for The Body on Fire
Rafael Cobos for The Left-Handed Son
Javier Calvo, Javier Ambrossi, Nacho Vigalondo and Carmen Jiménez for The Messiah
Berto Romero, Rafel Barceló and Enric Pardo for The Other Side
Pepón Montero and Juan Maidagán for Poquita fe

Best lead actor in a series
Javier Cámara by Rapa
Roger Casamajor for The Messiah
Raúl Cimas for Poquita fe
Patrick Raised by The Nights of Tefía
Quim Gutiérrez for The Body on Fire

Best Leading Actress in a Series
Úrsula Corberó for The Body on Fire
Lola Dueñas for The Messiah
Ana Rujas for The Messiah
Macarena García for The Messiah
Esperanza Pedreño for Poquita fe

Best Supporting Actor in a Series
Andreu Buenafuente for The Other Side
Chani Martín for Poquita fe como
Albert Pla for The Messiah
Biel Rossell Pelfort for The Messiah
José Manuel Poga for The Body on Fire

Best Supporting Actress in a Series
Amaia by The Messiah
Irene Balmes for The Messiah
Carmen Machi for The Messiah
Tamara Casellas for The Left-Handed Son
Julia de Castro for Little Faith

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