Se publican en castellano las memorias de Mark Evans (AC/DC)

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The memoirs of Mark Evans (AC/DC) are published in Spanish

The translated version of the book by the first Australian bassist of the legendary band arrives in our country AC DC, Mark Evans, “Dirty Deeds – Actas Profanas – My life inside (and outside) AC/DC”.

Several years have passed, thirteen specifically, since the former bassist of the group AC/DC opened up completely in his book “Dirty Deeds: My Life Inside/Outside Of AC/DC”. Now the publisher Kultrum Books has released the translated version, by Paco Arrieta. “Dirty Deeds – Actas Profanas – My life inside (and outside) AC/DC” It is the written confession of what the bassist's life was like before his participation in the famous band and afterwards, after his dismissal. The book deals with several themes, such as the mismanagement of fame, sexual predation, apology or the sublimation of an epic of self-destruction.

However, Evans is honest in every way possible about how things worked back then and what he experienced during his two years in the band, from '75 to '77. And as he has stated several times about his dismissal, which was also his birthday: “When we started the European tour in 1977, things started to happen. The record company we worked with in the United States unilaterally cut their contract with the band. Since they left, we stopped having a contract in America. Apparently they heard 'Dirty Deeds' and they decided that they didn't want to publish it. It seems incredible now, but it was like that.”

Explanation that also resolves the reason for the title of the book, which is written as a chronicle in which humor is not missing. For every fan of AC/DC and interested in learning more about the complex life of Mark Evans, you will now be able to enjoy reading “Dirty Deeds – Actas Profanas – My life inside (and outside) AC/DC” translated into Spanish. You can buy your copy at this link. On the other hand, the group will be performing in our country, more specifically at the La Cartuja Stadium in Seville on the days May 29 and June 1. Buy your tickets for AC/DC at this link.

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