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The May issue of Mondo Sonoro is already on the streets

Today, Thursday, we begin the distribution of copies of Sound World corresponding to the month of May. A number that leads to St Vincent on the cover on the occasion of its brand new ““All Born Screaming.”

It happens every four years. February 29 is a special day that sometimes holds surprises for us. Like chatting in London with Annie Clark, better known as St Vincentregarding a new album, “All Born Screaming” (Total Pleasure/Virgin, 24), which has propelled it to our cover.

Last year and within “Final Tour”, NOFX They starred in three nights to remember in Barcelona. On May 14 they will be performing at the WiZink Center in Madrid as headliners of another night that feels historic for any punk rock fan. Taking advantage of the occasion, we interviewed Fat Mike, Mike Burkett, on a Friday night.

Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay celebrate twenty years of playing on the slopes. Behind him are three impeccable albums, historic hits and a commitment to his unwavering musical intuition. Now justice returns with a fourth studio project, “Hyperdrama” (Ed Banger/Virgin, 24), which keeps them on top.

Deap Vallythe blues punk duo from Los Angeles, will visit our country as part of their farewell tour, in which they also present the new edition of “Sistrionix” (Self-released, 24).

From the margins of the system, and with the spirit of those who are back from everything, the hard bars of Jarfaiter. Quite a filibuster of rhyme that again demonstrates in “I'm nobody” (Self-published / DDB Music, 24) its enormous value.

“People Who Aren't There Anymore” (4AD/Popstock!, 24) is the seventh album by North Americans Future Islands. A work that is declared musically continuous, clinging to its sentimental high-voltage electronic pop, although lyrically it stands as a chronicle of the breakup of its vocalist Samuel T. Herring with the Swedish actress and model Julia Ragnarsson.

Jairo Zavala continues with the tireless musical journey that entails Depedro, his most ambitious and personal musical project. Just published “A perfect place” (Calaverita Records, 24), ten new songs as friendly as they are varied.

It is impossible to talk about The Lemon Twigs Not to mention their various influences, located in the 60s and 70s, but these two brothers have managed to stop looking at their music as pure imitation and turn it into pure adoration. We met with Brian and Michael D'Addario via zoom.

On the allegorical cover of “Ballad Of A Bystander” (Self-published, 24) a young redhead contemplates herself exhibited in an art gallery, thus converting this contrasting image into a powerful and metaphorical message that perfectly defines the current situation of The Reytons.

Talking to an artist on the day of their album release is something between magical and difficult. There is a lot of pressure, a lot of nerves and also a lot of emotion. However, the weight becomes a little lighter if it is an artist like Carlos Sadnessthat shows “Magical realism” (Sony, 24). We met on one of the terraces of La Central del Raval in Barcelona, ​​in an intimate and sunny garden, like a storybook oasis in the middle of the smoke and the city.

Ánxela Baltar and Violeta Mosquera make up Bullet, a Galician duo that has been making noise for some time now. Now they publish “Best” ((PIAS), 24), their fourth album and that definitive shot after which it will be completely impossible to ignore them.

So far everything related to our longer interviews, although you can also find shorter ones with Steffen Morrison, bananas and a special dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the first album by The Smiths. Not forgetting our usual sections dedicated to reviews of albums, books, comics, series, movies and podcasts. And as always, here you have a playlist with the contents of the issue to provide a soundtrack to your reading.

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