The Libertines celebrate the good in life on 'Run Run Run'

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The Libertines celebrate the good in life on ‘Run Run Run’

The Libertines return to the music industry with their first album in over 8 years. It is titled ‘All Quiet on the Eastern Esplanade’ and will be the follow-up to their ‘Anthems for Doomed Youth’, released at the end of 2015. In addition, the group has also released ‘Run Run Run’, the lead single.

In reality, we will still have to wait a few months to hear The Libertines’ new work, since the release date is March 8, 2024. However, the band has been working on it since autumn of last year, when they met with the producer Dimitri Tikovoï to make the 11 songs that comprise it.

«Our first album was born out of panic and disbelief that we were actually allowed to be in a studio; the second was born of total struggle and misery; the third was born from complexity; “This feels like we’re all really in the same place, at the same speed, and really connecting,” The Libertines said in a statement.

As for the song, ‘Run Run Run’ is a pure rock song that, being the introductory track of the album, can tell us a lot about what to expect in the other songs. The single screams “Tonight we’re going to spend all of tomorrow’s happiness” and celebrates the importance of pushing away the negative things and focusing only on the good in life.

This is the tracklist for ‘All Quiet on the Eastern Esplanade’:
1. Run, Run, Run
3. Have a Friend
4. Merry Old England
5. Man With the Melody
6. Oh Shit
7. Night of the Hunter
8. Baron’s Claw
10. Be Young
11. Songs They Never Play on the Radio

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