The Latin Grammys in Seville praise Karol G and Shakira

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The Latin Grammys in Seville praise Karol G and Shakira

For the first time since the creation of the Latin Grammys, the most important night in Latin music has been celebrated outside the United States. And, moving away from the American continent, Spain is the country where the 24th edition has ended up. However, the 2023 Latin Grammys were not held on any day, but rather on November 16, International Flamenco Day. Whether it was a coincidence or not, Seville is the city that has dressed up to welcome them.

With the most Spanish and flamenco flavor possible, Rosalía opened the ceremony covering ‘Se nos roto el amor’ by Rocío Jurado in a tremendously beautiful and delicate performance. The Andalusian continued to star in the night with Alejandro Sanz, who sang the classic ‘Corazón Partío’ in which it was another of his best performances.

But if one of the main stars of the gala could be predicted, it was undoubtedly Shakira. Starting out as one of the most nominated artists, it didn’t take her long to get on stage. First she did it to collect the award for Best Pop Song for her session with Bizarrap, and then she would do it to sing ‘Acrostico’ accompanied by her children and her session with Bizarrap himself.

Another of the stars of the night was Laura Pausini, to whom Karol G presented the honorary award for Person of the Year. The singer performed a midley in which she performed some of her biggest hits and she thanked her for the award: “For 30 years I have had a very privileged life. Not only because I have the great pleasure of singing in Spanish, but because I have felt adopted by all of you, like a daughter, like a sister. It is not necessary to have the same blood when you grow up with someone who is your family. “Latinos are my family.”

Among the anecdotes of the gala, the beef of Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro in their respective performances. Although the first changed one of the verses of Rocío Jurado’s anthem to add “Our love broke from using it so much… or not using it”, Rauw Alejandro performed ‘Se Fue’ by Laura Pausini in an obvious declaration of intentions.

On the other hand, the main disappointment of the night was Pablo Alborán’s return home empty. The artist, who was the most nominated Spaniard of the edition, competing for up to 5 statuettes, lost in all categories, thus accumulating 29 unsuccessful nominations. Quevedo, who won the Grammy for Best Urban Song, and Niña Pastori had greater luck with her victory in Best Flamenco Album.

As for the big prizes, Shakira won Song of the Year for her session with Bizarrap. The most coveted, Album of the Year, would end up in the hands of Karol G thanks to ‘Mañana Sera Bonito’. In this way, the Colombian would put the finishing touch to a night that was already being very good for her due to her victories in Best Urban Album and Best Urban Performance for ‘TQG’ with Shakira. Natalia Lafourcade’s triumphs in Record of the Year for ‘De todos las flores’ against strong contenders like ‘Desphá’, and Joaquina’s proclamation as Best New Artist, would complete the female plenary in the main categories.

This is the list of winners:

Album of the year
Tomorrow will be nice – Karol G (WINNER)
The fourth leaf – Pablo Alborán
Blind – Paula Arenas
From the inside out – Camilo
Fourteenth – Andrés Cepeda
Everyday life – Juanes
Of all the flowers – Natalia Lafourcade
Eadda9223 – Fito Páez
Escalona had never been recorded like this – Carlos Vives

Song of the Year
Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53 – Bizarrap with Shakira (WINNER)
Acrostic – Shakira
Friends – Pablo Alborán & María Becerra
Of all the flowers – Natalia Lafourcade
She dances alone – Armed Link, Featherweight
NASA – Camilo & Alejandro Sanz
Brown eyes -Lasso
If you love me -Fonseca & Juan Luis Guerra
TQG – Karol G with Shakira
Un x100to – Grupo Frontera with Bad Bunny

Record of the year
Of all the flowers – Natalia Lafourcade (WINNER)
It’s not that I miss you – Christina Aguilera
Road and blanket – Pablo Alborán
Let me cry for you – Paula Arenas
Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53/ – Bizarrap and Shakira
If you love me – Fonseca & Juan Luis Guerra
While I heal from my heart – Karol G
Brown eyes – Lasso
The formula – Maluma & Marc Anthony
Despechá – Rosalía
Road Runner – Alejandro Sanz with Danny Ocean

Best New Artist
Joaquina (WINNER)
Divine Connection
Ana Del Castillo
Natascha Falcao
Paola Guanche
Leon Leiden

Composer of the Year
Edgar Barrera (WINNER)
Kevym Mauricio Cruz
Felipe González Abad
Manuel Lorente Freire
Horacio Palencia
Elena Rose

Best Pop Vocal Album
Your Story – Julieta Venegas (WINNER)
The Fourth Sheet – Pablo Alborán
Beautiful Humans Vol.1 – Alemor
From Inside to Outside – Camilo
La Neta – Pedro Capó

Best Pop Song
Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53 – Bizarrap Featuring Shakira (WINNER)
5:24 – Camilo
I Dance for You – Monsieur Periné
With you – Sebastian Yatra & Pablo Alborán
Let Me Cry – Paula Arenas & Jesús Navarro

Best Traditional Pop Album
Fourteenth – Andrés Cepeda (WINNER)
Blind – Paula Arenas
That Hurts Me – Camilú
Pleasures and Sins – Vanesa Martín

Best Alternative Song
The Dark Side of the Heart – Dante Spinetta (WINNER)
Eaves/Pompeii – La Vida Boheme
Radiant Scar – El David Aguilar
Drink – iLe & Mon Laferte

Best Reggaeton Performance
The Recipe – Tego Calderón (WINNER)
Automatic – María Becerra
Happy Birthday Ferxo – Feid
Catwoman – Karol G & Maldy
Hey Mor – Ozuan and Feid

Best Fusion/Urban Performance
TQG – Shakira & Karol G (WINNER)
La Jumpa – Arcángel & Bad Bunny
Hopefully – María Becerra
Quevedo Bzro session 52 – Quevedo & Bizarrap
Yandel 150 – Yandel & Feid

Best Urban Song
Quevedo Bzro session 52 – Quevedo & Bizarrap (WINNER)
La Jumpa – Bad Bunny & Arcángel
Automatic – María Becerra
My best song: Gocho & Farruko
TQG – Shakira & Karol G
Yandel 150 – Yandel & Feid

Best Urban Music Album
Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful – Karol G (WINNER)
Xtassy – Akapellah
Saturn – Rauw Away
3Men2kbron – Eladio Carrión
Happy birthday Ferxxo we pirated your album – Feed
Soul – Nicki Nicole

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