The Last in Line, Robe and Aitana, Kings of Christmas in Spain

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The Last in Line, Robe and Aitana, Kings of Christmas in Spain

In the week before Epiphany (December 29 to January 4), perhaps the week with the highest consumption of physical records of the entire year, we analyzed the official Promusicae top 10. The only entries of the week in the entire top 100 are ‘Solitude bores but does not betray’ by Beny Jr (top 21) and the live album ‘Para todo el Universo’ by Second (top 35), so in this In this case, we prefer to focus on those who sold the most copies on the most competitive days of the entire year.

1 (2) Last in Line / Pyramid Disruption
The double comeback album of El Último de la Fila regains number 1 in this key week. At the same time that Manolo García and Quimi Portet have consented to the digital edition of their music, they have re-recorded many of their songs, according to a press release, “with the sole intention of enjoying.” The public has been there for them and the album has been certified gold, truly surpassing 20,000 copies sold already last week.

2 (1) Robe / The air is taking us away
3 weeks ago, Robe debuted at number 1, maintaining its loyal audience: selling 5,191 units in its first 7 days. The album did not lose much steam in the second, maintaining the top and approaching 9,000 and this third only drops to position 2. It thus remains above other more media names and with more presence on networks, remembering that one thing is the fashions and another the public that goes to the stores.

3 (3) Aitana/Alpha
With 14 weeks behind it, ‘Alpha’ is one of the longest-running albums in the top 10, along with that of Karol G. It is, therefore, one of the most successful of the year. Certified as a platinum record and with over 45,000 units, it still has a long way to go, knowing that the Santiago Bernabéu awaits.

4 (4) Bad Bunny / Nobody knows what’s going to happen tomorrow
Although the sales and streaming of Aitana’s album are distributed almost 50/50, in the case of Bad Bunny 97% of its points come from streaming. It has sold a little more than 150 units in total (on iTunes, we assume), but it actually has more total points than Aitana thanks to its totally overwhelming streaming. ‘Nobody Knows What’s Going to Happen Tomorrow’ is platinum around the equivalent of 50,000 copies. On the other hand, the previous ‘A summer without you’ already exceeds 250,000 units in Spain alone: ​​it is 7 times platinum, the most certified album of the entire top 100, even above the 5 platinum of ‘El Madrileño’.

5 (6) Melendi / 20 years without news
Melendi has celebrated the 20th anniversary of his album ‘Sin Noticias’ from Holland’ by adding collaborations such as those of Manuel Carrasco, David Bisbal, Taburete, La Cebolla or Jose Merce. ’20 years without news’ is not yet a gold record, but it is getting closer by leaps and bounds. It is around 17,000 copies and could manage to pass the barrier in the coming weeks despite the drop in consumption. Believe it or not, streaming accounts for a third of your points.

6 (7) Malú / To everything yes
Around 10,000 units because it was released a month after Melendi’s album, ‘A todo si’ by Malú also holds out in the top 10 in a difficult week for the industry. The album includes collaborations with Ana Mena, Melendi, Manuel Carrasco, Niña Pastori, Pablo Alborán, Luis Fonsi, Abraham Mateo and Pablo López, also celebrating Malu’s 25th anniversary.

7 (5) Taylor Swift / 1989 (Taylor’s Version)
Taylor is not only the only Anglo-Saxon artist in the top 10, and is approaching 40,000 copies (platinum) with her new version of ‘1989’. But there are many other albums of his in the top 100: ‘Speak Now (Taylor Version) at 26, ‘Midnights’ at the top 29, ‘Red (Taylor Version)’ at the top 73 and ‘Fearless (Taylor Version) ‘ in the top 88.

8 (18) Men G / From pink to yellow
The strongest increase of the week in number of copies of the week is given by Hombres G with ‘Del rosa al yellow’. The luxury compilation box exceeds 5,000 copies, about 2,000 on vinyl, showing that it has been one of the gifts for nostalgic people this Christmas.

9 (15) Sergio Dalma / Smile because you are in the photo
A few years ago, the great winner at this time, Sergio Dalma, had to settle this time with more modest data. In any case, ‘Smile because you’re in the photo’ returns at the best possible moment and returns to the top 10 by Reyes with around 10,000 total copies. As a curiosity, its streaming is one of the lowest on the entire list: it accounts for only 2% of all its points.

10 (8) Karol G / Tomorrow will be nice
The opposite case is that of Karol G, where 2% of her points are exactly her sales. ‘Tomorrow will be nice’, one of the Best Albums of 2023, resists the onslaught of physical sales in the top 10, adding close to 90,000 points thanks to its streaming. It is therefore double platinum that perhaps there will be 3 by the time it fills the Santiago Bernabéu 3 times this year.

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