The Interrupters, The Hives y más se suman al Road To Río Babel

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The Interrupters release video clip for “Alien”

The American group of ska punk The Interrupters releases video clip for his song “Alien”, which was published on his previous and successful album “In the Wild” (22).

The Angelenos The Interrupters have surprised with the release of a video clip to accompany the song “Alien”, which was released for the first time two years ago on the group's last album, “In The Wild” (22) via Epitaph.

The audiovisual piece has been animated by the Ukrainians Olga and Welt “Mad Twins” Ischchukand to give life to the narrative they have based themselves on a plot that the Aimee Switch, leader and vocalist of the band, was invented. The video for “Alien” reflects on the feeling that you are a weirdo or an abandoned child. As the animators of the music video have stated about the story: “Aimee and the kids wanted the main character to be a skeleton, and that was a challenge. In punk rock and metal there are a lot of visuals of skeletons, but we wanted it to be the protagonist was different and that the public empathized with him. The value of the song is precisely in the sincerity of the emotions of suffering due to the difficulty of finding a place in society, something well known to the punk rock subculture.

Without a doubt, the “Mad Twins” have managed to ensure that the video clip accompanies the atmosphere and feeling that originally appeared in the essence of “Alien”. On the other hand, The Interrupters have three dates scheduled to perform in our country. They will pass through Or Son Do Camiño in Santiago de Compostela he May 30followed by a performance in the Road To Rio Babel from Madrid on June 1and they will finish it on June 4 acting in the Repvbblica room of Valencia. Although tickets for Madrid are sold out you can still buy tickets for the other two dates at this link.

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