The glassy pop of googly eyes looks for a place

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The glassy pop of googly eyes looks for a place

Among the gems that Spotify’s algorithm occasionally discovers is googly eyes. This is the alias of the parallel project of Deza, a singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles who is signed to the publishing house of Emily Warren, a hitmaker associated with hits such as ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ by The Chainsmokers or ‘Don’t Start Now’ by Dua Lipa.

Returning to Deza, she, with her original project, has signed cute pop pieces like ‘Boy Violet’ or ‘Cherry Pie’. As an author, she counts ELIO, Jason Derulo, Slush Puppy and Paris Hilton among her clients.

Academically trained in opera, but also “commercially in pop”, Deza likes to take care of good vocal production. She shows it in ‘Boy Violet’ and, above all, in her project googly eyes, where she gives free rein to her vocal experiments. The name Imogen Heap comes to mind immediately upon hearing her. Also another more contemporary one like LAUV. Her busy and “glitchy” rhythmic bases refer to The Postal Service or Baths.

The result is a type of glassy pop very well resolved in songs like ‘Out the Door’ (with vague Caribbean echoes) or ‘Glad I Don’t Have To’, today’s Song Of The Day. In any case, these are songs that she herself labels as “demos”, and that have already led her to publish two mini-albums, ‘Demos 12-19’ and ‘Demos 4-11’, both in 2023.

These days a googly eyes single has arrived that does not receive the adjective of a demo, ‘I Like Being Human’, where Deza continues exploring the emotional possibilities of the vocoder effect, accompanied by a piano.

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