The entanglement of Britney, Ben Affleck and J Lo, explained in songs

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The entanglement of Britney, Ben Affleck and J Lo, explained in songs

Britney Spears continues to use the networks to reveal details of her past that for mysterious reasons she has not told in her memoir, ‘The Woman I Am’.

In an Instagram post, Spears uploaded an image of her posing with Ben Affleck and Diane Warren, and accompanied it with a text that has led gossip magazines to rub their hands. Spears has revealed that, on the day that photo was taken, she kissed Affleck, and has added that “something happened before” that she cannot say. Spears claims that she “had forgotten” about this story and told it without a second thought. And then she thought about it, because she deleted the publication.

It has escaped few that, at the time this photo was taken, back in 1999, it appears that in July, Spears was 17 years old and therefore a minor, and Affleck was 27.

The curious detail in all this is that Jennifer Lopez, current wife of Ben Affleck, has just released a song that samples ‘Cry Me a River’ by Justin Timberlake in its final seconds. Yes, the song that Timberlake dedicated to Spears after her breakup with her. In ‘This Is Me… Now,’ Lopez alludes to her reunion with Affleck all these years later, singing that they have both “overcome every disaster” that has come their way, and that “time has brought us here.” ».

Jennifer Lopez is one of the celebrities who appear in ‘The Woman I Am’. In the book, Spears compares her relationship with her fame to Lopez’s, noting that the ‘If You Had My Love’ singer has navigated public life with greater “dignity” than her.

The alleged relationship between Spears and Affleck has been rumored since the beginning of Spears’ career. In 2001, Eminem alluded to the alleged affair between the two in ‘It Ai n’t Nuthin’ But Music’, a song by his band D12. The phrase was explicit and described a sexual encounter between Spears and Affleck: “This just in / Britney just dissed Justin / She just f–ked Ben / Got tt f–ked and d–k-sucked him” (“Britney has left “Justin, he fucked Ben, he ate his cock.”

A few years later, Britney appeared in the video clip for ‘I Love Rock N’ Roll’ with the name Ben and her mobile phone painted in her hand. This was unrelated to Ben Affleck: Anson Mount’s character, Lucy’s (Britney) romantic interest in ‘Crossroads,’ is named Ben, and ‘I Love Rock N’ Roll’ is one of the songs included on the soundtrack. of that movie.

And what does Diane Warren, songwriter to the stars, have to do with all this? Spears and Warren have collaborated in the past. ‘When Your Eyes Say It’, a Spears song composed by Warren, appears on Spears’ second album, ‘Oops!…I Did it Again’, released in 2000.

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