'The End of the World' by La La Love You… and Amaia Romero?

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‘The End of the World’ by La La Love You… and Amaia Romero?

La La Love You continues to enjoy tremendous success for its song ‘El Fin del Mundo’, which has become one of the biggest recent hits in our country and already has more than 100 million views on Spotify. But there is something that no one knew: the song, which is a collaboration with the female voice of Axolotes Mexicanos, could have been a hit with Amaia Romero.

During their time at La Resistencia a few days ago, the group recognized that their world changed when Amaia, shortly after leaving Operación Triunfo, recommended them to that same program. Then, says presenter David Broncano, “his song ‘Más Colao que el Colacao’ had less than a thousand views.” Today, the group receives more than two million views monthly.

While they remembered the anecdote during the interview, Roberto Amor confessed that they were not “lucky enough” to know Amaia personally. However, David Merino acknowledges that after her visit to La Resistencia, they talked about her on her Instagram to thank her for mentioning them, ensuring that “she was super nice” and that she gave them her contact number. .

But there is something that the group had never said “out of shame.” When they later planned to release ‘El Fin del Mundo’, which would end up becoming their most successful song to date, they offered it to Amaia. She, however, never responded to them, David Merino confessing that she “ghosted” them. Even so, they say with a laugh that “there is no resentment.”

La La Love You’s next big stop is their concert at the WiZink Center on March 15. For her date they have invited Amaia Romero, to whom they have sent an audio message from her during the program telling her that they will be happy to let her go on stage “to sing whatever she wants.” Will the artist accept the proposal?

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