The definitive reference standard in bass is here.

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The definitive reference standard in bass is here.

The definitive reference standard in bass is here

The new 16-Ultra series is the largest and most powerful SVS subwoofers ever built and represents the culmination of all SVS engineering advancements, but that’s only part of the story. SVS has designed a completely new speaker, amplifier and chassis, subjected every design element to intense scrutiny and brought to market three game-changing innovations for subwoofers on the market, achieving unmatched output levels. unprecedented, extreme bass extension, near-perfect frequency response precision, and pointillist transient response.

One of those innovations alone would have made the 16-Ultra series a total show of engineering strength, but the combination of all three (new speaker, amplifier and control platform) propels the SB16-Ultra and PB16-Ultra into the pantheon of the great audio products of all time.

Masterful engineering. Three innovations that change the rules of the game

-Huge 16” Ultra speaker with unprecedented 8” outer-wound voice coil

-Surprisingly powerful Sledge amplifier (1,500W continuous, 5,000W peak) with fully discrete MOSFET output

-New application for bass management and subwoofer control for Apple® and Android® devices

The SB16-Ultra and PB16-Ultra subwoofers go beyond expectations with wall-moving levels of low-frequency extension and massive output with pointillist precision and transient speed; The ultimate bass experience.

Huge 16” Ultra speaker with an unprecedented 8” outer wound voice coil

Record-breaking 16” voice coil speaker

To handle the overwhelming power of a 16” speaker, SVS has designed a massive 8” voice coil, the largest ever used in a home subwoofer. This innovation ensures very low distortion and pointillist control at the highest levels, resulting in incredible low-frequency output and extension, with precision in frequency response and transient speed.

World-class speaker materials and technologies

Four of the heaviest toroidal ferrite magnets used in a consumer subwoofer generate previously unknown levels of magnetic force to achieve maximum excursion, SPL and low frequency output. The cone material is a stiff but lightweight resin and fiberglass composite that doesn’t warp and imparts subtle or overpowering low-frequency effects with equal aplomb.

Surprisingly powerful Sledge amplifier (1,500W continuous, 5,000W peak) with fully discrete MOSFET output

Fully discrete MOSFET output from efficient Sledge Class D amplifier

The robust 64A, 200V MOSFET provides the sonic power behind the surprisingly powerful 1,500W continuous, 5,000W peak power stage with fully discrete output. The MOSFET output offers far superior power management and tighter control compared to the IC output stage found in virtually all other Class D subwoofer amplifiers.

Sophisticated audio DSP for analog devices with active power correction

Effortless power must be harnessed to ensure refined performance and pristine output at the most demanding output levels. The 16-Ultra Series subwoofers use the audio industry’s most advanced analog audio DSP to handle virtually unlimited power, so that the perfect amount of low-frequency energy is released at just the right time and at just the right time. the appropriate frequency. To ensure continuous power flow, the amplifier employs a PFC (power factor correction) regulator to smooth the input current to a clean, constant 360V DC, but using 30 to 50% less current than a subwoofer. without PFC.

Innovative bass management and subwoofer control app for Apple® and Android® devices

Subwoofer and DSP control easier and more convenient than ever

The 16-Ultra Subwoofer App is the most powerful subwoofer control and bass management app ever developed and is the easiest way to adjust volume, cutoff frequencies, parametric EQ, polarity, room gain and other DSP functions. It also has convenient pre-settings for easy adjustment (just the touch of a button) in any room or system, from your chair.

Two-way feedback shows settings in real time, both in the app and on the subwoofer interface, and Bluetooth connectivity allows you to control them, even when you don’t have the subwoofer at sight.

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