The Critics Choice gives victory to Ryan Gosling… and more memes

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The Critics Choice gives victory to Ryan Gosling… and more memes

Last night the Critics Choice Awards 2024 were held, one of the most important galas for the film industry before the Oscars. And, although the awards have left ‘Oppenheimer’ as a great favorite, her victory is not the only thing that is talked about on social networks. As already happened at the Golden Globes, there are many memes that the new edition of the Critics Choice has given away.

Among the most talked about after the gala celebration, Ryan Gosling’s reaction to his victory for Best Original Song for ‘I’m Just Ken’ stands out, without a doubt. Beating favorites like Dua Lipa or Billie Eilish, with also songs from the movie ‘Barbie’, the Critics Choice choose to honor Gosling’s song. The first to not believe it was the actor himself, whose face of surprise, or almost horror, soon went viral on the Internet. And it won’t be because he hasn’t campaigned to win awards. “If Ryan Gosling knew that victory was wrong, then it was definitely wrong,” wrote one user on X.

If Gosling’s triumph was enough to become a meme on its own, others needed the help of the presenters. A Bella Ramsey joke about “actors who think they are singers” did not please Ariana DeBose at all. “There are actors who think they are also singers: Jack Black, Ariana DeBose and, Ken himself, Ryan Gosling,” says the interpreter of Ellie in ‘The Last Of Us’ before announcing the winner for Best Original Song. DeBose’s face? A true poem. «No, I didn’t find it funny. Lol,” the actress later wrote on Instagram. In X some people also showed their discontent: «This woman has starred in Broadway musicals; she is a trained singer.

Host Chelsea Handler also starred in some of the funniest moments of the night with her monologue, mainly applauded by the audience. In fact, the monologue even had a hint for Jo Koy, the presenter of the Golden Globes, who had to face a barrage of criticism after his “unfunny” jokes about Taylor Swift and the NFL or the ‘Barbie’ movie. . «Some (jokes) have been written by me, others by other people. I wrote some of these, and they are the ones you are laughing at,” said the comedian when he saw that few people were laughing at his jokes. Handler, who is her ex-partner, took the opportunity to throw a dart at her: “Thanks for laughing, my scriptwriters wrote that one.”

But Chelsea Handler’s was not the only reference to the Golden Globes throughout the ceremony. Paul Giamatti, who won Best Actor for his role in ‘Those Who Remain’, made headlines last week after winning the Golden Globe and missing the lavish post-gala parties. The actor went to a fast food chain restaurant and ate a hamburger with his award on the table. “I didn’t think anything could be more exciting than going viral for eating a cheeseburger,” he said last night when he took the stage to accept his new award.

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