The cochlear implant, key to job reintegration

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The cochlear implant, key to job reintegration

We always insist that Hearing well changes your life. And always for the better and in all areas. Also in the workplace, where it has been shown that hearing recovery is a key element for job reintegration of those affected by hearing loss. In fact, a study of the University Clinic of Navarra (CUN) points out that 79% of users of a cochlear implant They feel more competent to do any job after surgery.

In this survey carried out by the CUN, 67% of those surveyed stated that their social relationships in the work environment are better than before being implemented. Furthermore, one in five say they have felt discriminated against on some occasions in the workplace due to his hearing loss. What’s more, one in four openly admits that their hearing problems have been a impediment when obtaining a promotion.

The importance of cochlear implants to facilitate labor reintegration was precisely one of the topics addressed in the 67th Congress of the Society
Spanish Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery (SEORL-CCC) held in Seville. At the meeting, the specialists agreed that this hearing solution helps improve interpersonal relationships at work, facilitating full integration in this sense.

Also in line with guiding and helping people with hearing problems find work, the Confederation of Families of Deaf People (FIAPAS) has a pioneering service in Europe called Labor Insertion Network. This is an initiative that has the collaboration of the ONCE Foundation and UMusic and through which support is offered to people with hearing loss to face their incorporation into the regular labor market or improve their employment situation.

Rafael Lozanoa 26-year-old young man affected by a profound prelingual hearing loss and who has a cochlear implant in his right ear, is one of the beneficiaries of this FIAPAS program. In a interview given to the magazine Oímos endorses this service by pointing out that “A job satisfies you on an economic level, but also on a personal level, as it helps you improve your self-esteem”.

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